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Canada Protection Plan

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Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

Guaranteed Acceptance Life is a “guaranteed issue” of life insurance offered by Canada Protection Plan (CPP). You will not be turned down for coverage regardless of health condition. It is a simple, permanent insurance solution designed to meet the insurance needs of the most challenging applicants. Regardless of your medical condition or previously declined for life insurance, you are eligible for this plan. It is generally purchased to cover final expenses by individuals who are not eligible for other plans of insurance.

guaranteed acceptance life insurance

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iA Financial Group


access life insurance

Access Life

Access Life offers you a solution if you wish to not undergo with a medical exam or if your health prevents you from obtaining life insurance.

Access Life insurance offers:

  • Enrollment with no medical exam or blood tests.
  •  Quick and easy qualification.
  • Premiums that will never increase.
  •  Life insurance that adapts to your coverage needs. 

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