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  • For every $1 put in an RDSP account, the federal government will match it (if your family income is below $93,208) with up to $3. (Grant)
  • For people living on a low income (less than $30,450) the federal government will invest $1000 each year for 20 years. (Bond) 
  • People living on an income between $30,450 and $46,605 can still receive a partial bond
  • Anyone can contribute to an RDSP.
  • RDSPs offer some of the best returns on investment available. Your money will grow, it might even triple in size. 
  • People with disabilities can choose what to do with the money when it comes out - there are no restrictions on how RDSP withdrawals are spent.
  • The RDSP is exempt from most provincial disability and income assistance benefits. It does not get clawed back and it does not reduce disability benefits payments. Click here to find out how Newfoundland and Labrador treats the RDSP.

* All information has been gathered from the RDSP Plan Institute.

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