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  • Provide a powerful vehicle for saving.
    • The RDSP is a powerful tool for long-term financial security. Someone saving $1500/year for over 30 years, may find their RDSP worth nearly half a million dollars. Monthly payments out of the plan would start at about $850 and grow annually.
  • Recognize family contributions.
    • Anyone can contribute to an individual's RDSP: family, friends, neighbours, charities, foundations, organizations, etc. The federal government encourages these contributions by matching each dollar contributed with up to $3. 

   Top 4 Tips to Maximize Savings

  1. Start savings early. Make it automatic by enrolling in a pre-authorized chequing program.
  2. Contribute every year to get the maximum annual Canada Disability Savings Grant and Canada Disability Savings Bond, if applicable.
  3. Plan your withdrawals to avoid federal grant and bond repayments.
  4. Carry forward of Canada Disability Saving Grant and Canada Disability Savings Bond. 

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